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IR-Med, Inc. (IRME)


Sector: Medical

Industry: Medical Info Systems

Exchange: OTC

Z.H.R Industrial Zone, P.O. Box 143, 20 Yahalom St. Rosh Pinna, 1231400, ISRAEL

IR Contact info

Name: Sharon Levkoviz

Title: CFO


Tel: +972 (0) 4 6555054

IRME on Major Financial Platforms:

IR-Med is a medical device company specializing in infrared-based technologies with unique knowledge of the interface between harmless infrared radiation and the human body.

IR-MED Inc., is developing a non-invasive spectrographic analysis technology platform, allowing healthcare professionals to detect and measure different molecules in the blood and in human tissue in real-time without any invasive procedures. The first product under development is a handheld optical monitoring device that is being developed to support early detection of pressure injuries (PI) to the skin and underlying tissue, regardless of skin tone and which is calibrated personally to each patient???s skin, primarily caused by prolonged pressure associated with bed confinement. IR-MED skin-device-interphase development of personalized medical devices allows high-accuracy readings from the human body in a non-invasive method, that may provide caregivers with the optimal decision support system in cases where uncertainties disturb physicians in their decision processes.

???IR-MED holds patents protecting its innovation in the noninvasive tissue analysis and in the modeling and analysis of subcutaneous tissue.

The Executives
Tzur Di-Cori,CEO
Yoram Drucker,VP Business Development
Sharon Levkoviz,CFO
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